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Freelance Web Designer

Freelance Web Designer, I Love Crafting Websites, 

As a freelance web designer, I put thought and heart into every web design project. I love designing websites that stand out from the rest.
Not only that, but a web design that matches the brand, personality and needs of my client.

I'm a Freelance Web Designer with a team of Creative Minds
My team and I pride ourselves on our ability to analyze our clients business and match them with their target audience through custom web design.

I specialize in bespoke web designs that are comprised of aesthetically pleasing fonts, stunning web graphics, SEO-friendly code, consistent branding, responsive layout, and quick loading pages.

My team and I are positioned among the top freelance web designers. We have combined extensive experience in HTML/HTML 5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, and a multitude of other programming languages. This video introduces my team:

Turning Design Concepts into Websites

Whether a client completely hands over the reins or wants to have input in their project, Echo Freelance puts on my creative caps and is available to go to task under either circumstance. We provide the most creative and affordable web design services in the business.
Web Design that Convert Leads
Clearly, the purpose of the website is to drive business. The goal is to entice visitors to view your products and services, resulting in sales and leads. I understand the importance of conversion, and take pride in helping other businesses increase their ROI through my web design.

Levels to get your web design done!

Through my years of experience as a freelance web designer, I've been able to develop a process that allows me to work closely with the client, adapt their vision, and make recommendations. Below are the eight levels of the process my clients will experience.

Level 1: Consultation / Goal Setting

The first step is to schedule a meeting via phone or Skype. Think of this as the getting to know you phase. This allows me to get to know your goals and your business.

Level 2: Site Architecture / Sitemap

Based on our first meeting, I will submit a proposal that outlines my recommendations for the pages of your website. This will include details regarding the hierarchical structure and navigational ordering of the website's pages.

Level 3: Initial Design Mock-ups and Revisions

This is when I get creative as a freelance web designer. A composite sketch is transferred from pen & paper form to Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. The design mockup is presented to the client in Photoshop format.

I provide a link for the client to view the mockup and to provide feedback to me. In some circumstances, there may be more than one version of the design and logos. I depend on our client's input at this stage, as it has been called for moving forward for completion.

Level 4: Typography

Typography, also known as typefaces or fonts, can make or break the look of the website. Choosing the right font is a critical step in the design process for any web designer. My extensive experience in choosing the right fonts for my clients has proven to be successful in my web design projects.

Level 5: Coding the design

Once the Photoshop mockup is approved, I then code it into a fully functional website using programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CCS. Is responsive websites, which are mobile device, smartphone, tablet friendly. This means that the website is readily view of all multiple screen sizes.

Level 6: Setting up a CMS (optional)

I often use WordPress as the CMS for your website, or alternatively, I develop a custom CMS-tailored design to meet your web design goals.

Level 7: Approval and Launch

Upon completion and approval of the new website, it will be launched onto its domain. Once live, we will submit a site map to Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and other top search engines.

Level 8: Ongoing Analysis and Edits

Each one of my clients receives two hours of post-launch updates included in the contract. After that, any further work or development of new features (if needed) will be billed at a discounted hourly rate for the initial 1st year. After one year, further development, if needed, is billed at our regular hourly rate. This one year long discounted support is meant to help clients in the implementation of their business ideas to their full potential.

Hiring Me & My Team – The Difference

Echo Freelance delivers and designs the best website possible. We focus on the vision of our individual clients, and strive to deliver top quality service.

  • Experience 
  • Understanding
  • Personal Attention
  • Half Cost
  • Design Guarantee
  • Platform Agnostic
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Support
  • Redesign

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