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Maximize Your iPhone 2024's Potential with the Best SEO Apps: Elevate Your Online Presence!

Top SEO Apps you Can Install on the New iPhone 2024 If you're looking to spend more quality time away from your work desk but still want to stay connected to your business profiles, statistics, and other marketing platform insights, then the 'Productivity' category on the app store is a great place to start. As someone who has checked out almost every project management and organization app, I've also tested some that are more specific to the industry. Unfortunately, many of these apps ended up being a big disappointment. However, there are still several apps that I've kept installed on my iPhone, and some which I use daily. SEO Search Ranking  by Leon Huang This is a tool that checks the ranking of your website on Google. It is very simple to use and yet very powerful. It uses the AJAX API and allows you to check an unlimited number of keywords for your website. You can also see charts that show the changes in your ranking for different keywords. This is ver

Baidu SEO: 11 Steps How to Rank Your Website on Chinese Search Engine Giant

That isn't a great if your marketing message spreads out to billion of more people around the globe. You can accomplish this by entering in the firewall of China. To perform the SEO and rank a website for the Chinese audience is quite a different than doing traditional SEO for the rest of the world. Baidu is the most powerful search engine a widely accepted inside the china, although Google is used by some Chinese people, it's not anywhere near to Baidu. Let’s dive into how to Practically implement SEO in China. Baidu holds more than 80% of the total search engine market share in China. If you are planning to reach in China than you must need to develop a leading SEO Strategy that focuses on ranking in Baidu search engine.Of course, there are other search engines in China as well. Like 360 and Sogou are used by limited Chinese people, not near to Baidu regarding market share. So it is proved that Baidu is best and widely used search engine in China. Her