Let's talk about scams in SEO. Don't ever fall for any of these!

SEO Scam

Let's talk about scams in SEO. Don't ever fall for any of these! Today I went to Google and searched for: "SEO snake oil" - 172 000 results "SEO scams" - 534 000 results "SEO lies" - 15 000 000 results Wait, what?! 15 million results that talk about lies in SEO. Yes, this is the sad state of our industry in 2018. Here are 4 very common SEO scams. 1) Pure scams You've been paying for SEO services that have never actually been delivered. To the question "what job did you do this month?", you got some unclear answer. This is often followed by a fake report with strange data which makes no sense to you. 2) Useless work scams Have you been promised to get your site "registered" on multiple search engines? Want to submit your site to 200 SEs so that more clients find you online? This is total nonsense. 3) Good intentions scams Some companies THINK they're helping their clients with the techniques they're using. Reality is different though. Keyword stuffing, spun content, PBN links.. the list goes on. 4) Top ranking guarantees Not even discussing those. It's total BS. Run! My advice? Research well the expert/ company you intend to hire. Google them. Check their reputation. Look for testimonials. Schedule a call to ask questions. How would you choose your #SEO guy?