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The Death of Short Tail Keywords? With the next trend in Voice Search.

With the next trend in Voice search Search.

Voice search is the rapidly-growing model of search, according to the statistic of Google and survey   Now, 55% of teens and 41% of adults exercise voice search on a regular basis, and that number is only increasing. Voice chat is also developing more reliable as technology.aboout two years ago word error rate was over 20%, but now speech recognizing word error rate is as less as 8%—in fact, a huge success.

For the time being, I don’t believe that it's almost death to short tail keywords, but they do suit far less important when we consider the natural phrases used in voice searches. We need to focus more notice than ever on conversational, long tail keywords. It's clear that context and conversational search are only to grow more powerful as voice search remains to develop. So where does that start SEO?

Well, for one thing, we call to include voice search approach into our websites, because voice search optimization is the doom of SEO. That means growing down on high content, written in a conversational tone.

We also need to understand that everybody who types a query and people who ask an inquiry into voice search is often after two different things entirely. For example, the type might be okay with doing research, while the talker typically needs quick answers and immediate results. We need to request to both types of people.

When it comes to optimization tactics, we should:

  • Concentrate on Long Tail Keywords.
  • Give Context with Schema Markup.
  • Optimize Your Site’s Microdata.
  • Add Pages That Answer FAQs.
  • Perform Keyword Research on Conversational Queries.

I think most of us who rise in an era where technology isn't able to talk back still have a certain hesitation to speaking to our phones when there is no human being on the other side. Google says, younger people don’t have that same type of shame, and most “feel tech-savvy” talking to phone and asking questions into voice search.
They perform the voice search for directions. They use it to call someone from the contact list. It even helps them with their research. And most importantly they use it in the presence of other, just to show off how cool they are :)
The Voice search trend is clearly on the rise, and we will be foolish and in lost if we ignored this trend in the SEO industry and didn't adopt it.  It’s time to hold on though and start planning about how we can optimize for voice searches as well. The future is conversational, hire me  now and lets plan together  voice search strategy for your busies

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