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What is Blue Whale game / Is Pakistan next ?

Is Pakistan next? Blue Whale suicide challenge

Is Pakistan next? After Blue Whale suicide challenge hits India

As of now, there aren't any register cases of immature suicides or such behavior in teen flux as a result of Blue Whale Suicide Challenge game, however with it’s growing cases in the neighboring country India, one will be flying to assume that it'll infiltrate at some periods in Pakistan.

A terrible chain of events has taken the hearts of parents worldwide, that appears to own without stopping. Teenagers are participating in a game referred to as ‘Blue Whale Suicide Challenge’ that contains a series of challenges/tasks given to teens by unknown strangers. The strange cluster of vigilantes asks for photographic proof from the teenagers have accepted the challenge for every task given to them. It's far-famed that these tasks area unit distributed for fifty days and on the fiftieth day the leaders ask the kid to take their own life.

Previously, a 14-year-old student in Asian country became the primary Indian victim of the ‘Blue Whale dare’ once he jumped off the terrace of the Andheri building.
 Jodhpur, Rajastha - blue whale app

Recently, another case of the dangerous game has emerged in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, that is creating headlines within the news for pushing the girl to the near to suicide.Luckily, a lawman reached simply in time to rescue the teenage girl.

“If I don’t complete my challenge, my mother can die,” the distressed 17-year-old said to the policeman and who save and dragged her out of the water. it's according to that her ‘challenge’ was nearing its finish and she had to complete the ultimate tasks resorting her to require such action, as a result of her mothers’ life was at stake.

Another 16-year-old from Pathankot district of geographic area allegedly tried suicide by hanging himself from the ceiling fan. However, he was saved within the notch of your time as a result of his parents’ timely invasion.

The Blue Whale Deadly Game Challenge’13-year-old Parth Singh

‘The Blue Whale Deadly Game Challenge’ has even been succeeding in Uttar Pradesh, claiming the lifetime of a 13-year-old Parth Singh was found hanging in his bedchamber within the neighborhood of Maudaha Village. The police are aforementioned that the sixth critic had his father’s phone in his hand with the sport taking part in on the screen, once the body was taken down.

The game isn't only restricted to teenagers; it's consumed the lives of adults further. A 22-year-old survivor was saved and is currently ‘stable’ when receiving therapy sessions. “It may be a virtual death entice. You'll undergo associate torturing expertise. Even people who request adventures are mentally affected,” he warned everybody.

developer and mind behind the game Philipp Budeikin are right now in a Russian jail for encouraging 16 girls to kill themselves.

How to handle blue whale situation wisely?

Please check on your teenage children. It is believed that such a game winning fame here is terrifying. Here's what you need to know about it:

  1. There have been no guaranteed suicides attributed to the game.
  2.  Despite that, as of May 10, developer and mind behind the game Philipp Budeikin are right now in a Russian jail for encouraging 16 girls to kill themselves.
  3. The app is no longer available on iOS or Google Play stores.
  4. Though it's no longer accessible as an app, the game might be played within social media groups, which aren't as controlled.
  5. The game apparently scares kids who want to leave, quit and gets the players to delete such alarming messages, so their adults can't find them.

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