F How To Build Adwords Marketing Strategy My Step By Step Guide

How To Build Adwords Marketing Strategy My Step By Step Guide

What is AdWords?
Google AdWords is Google's advertising platform where advertisers bid on specific keywords for their click-able ads to show in Google's Search Results Page (SERP). As advertisers need to pay for these online clicks on their ads, this is how Google is making the profit from the search.

What is AdWords Marketing Strategy?
The Adwords marketing strategy is created before you start your campaign. You can't run efficiently market without understanding how your business fits into the online marketplace, your competition, how you'll compete, and what you need to achieve (i.e. sales numbers) to reach your financial goals. Then, you use what you've learned to create your marketing plan and start your AdWords strategy for your business.

My Steps - Action Plans 
  1. Setup Adwords Account/Campaign Structure 
  • The Campaign Level:
  • The Ad Group Level:
  • Keyword Selection:
  • Ad Copy:
  • Ad Extensions: 

  1. Keywords Research 
  2. Competitor Research 
  3. landing page Audit 
  4. Conversion Tracking 
  5. Campaign Launch 
  6. Campaign Optimisation (Negative keywords, Adcopy improvement, ROI Improvement, Quality Score Improvement)