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How Google is making SEO easier for us

One of the simplest ways to understand SEO’s importance to the marketing mix is to pay respects to what Google says and does. Google is very keen on good SEO because it makes the internet a useful place for users. If the internet is a helpful place for users, then Google can sell more ads. Here are four things Google has said and done to help marketers improve SEO that you may not be aware of. Google added an ‘SEO’ audit to its Lighthouse extension Google is actively giving developers advice on how to improve the sites they work on: its  Lighthouse auditing  tool now has an SEO component that can analyze any page for basic SEO competency and tell you how to make it better. This is a nice change for search marketers, who have for a long time made up for Google’s radio silence with research and educated guesswork. Some of the tips offered by the audit extension are fairly obvious and well known (title tag exists, canonicals not broken, etc.), but others give an i