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Forex Trading in Russia is bad in 2022, Due to War.

There has been a global cry call due to Russian latest development on Ukraine as an act of war and bring them their warrior on the door of Keiv, The capital of Ukraine. Which Triggered the first batch of sanctions from the global community towards Russia.  As Russia stood no.1 worldwide for gold production, Europe and USA has closed the door of their Gold trading market for Russian Trader. in this difficult financial time, Russia is only dependent upon the Black market of Singhai, China, where they can get foreign currency in exchange of Gold. The trend among Russian citizens is to buy gold and get rid of the Rubel - the Russian currency. this way they are securing their investment for the long term even if Rubel will fall badly. All of these actions & offshore trades reveal that Russian USD debt continues to fall and it will continue. let us look at how the markets have reacted to Ukraine's recent events. From eastern Ukraine, Russia has recognized and accepted a new independ