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Instagram Star "Louise Delage" The mind behind her over Night Social Media Success.

Most of us ' Social Media Enthitutist" are familiar with the name of " Louise Delage ." On our average day, we give 50 hearts to Instagram post. From nowhere Miss " Lousie Delage" appear to the Instagram world and cultivated over 16K in no time. That's a super success on Instagram. We discovered a leery kind of achievement about this girl, and what does she do? The "personal branding," over Instagram stardom and the overall pressure to show the most photogenic bits of our lives have perhaps blunted our sarcastic bits. Is there will be a day for us to become "Social Star"? On August 1st, Louise Delage began her Instagram and sprang her bright moments with bearing drinks and a gorgeous smile. Everyone is thinking about this girl who is this beauty? Many of us believe that it was just another desperate girl bestowing her party moment and try to bring attraction t her. And this isn't all the truth. This new social star

The Death of Short Tail Keywords? With the next trend in Voice Search.

Voice search is the rapidly-growing model of search, according to the statistic of Google and survey   Now, 55% of teens and 41% of adults exercise voice search on a regular basis, and that number is only increasing. Voice chat is also developing more reliable as technology.aboout two years ago word error rate was over 20%, but now speech recognizing word error rate is as less as 8%—in fact, a huge success. For the time being, I don’t believe that it's almost death to short tail keywords, but they do suit far less important when we consider the natural phrases used in voice searches. We need to focus more notice than ever on conversational, long tail keywords. It's clear that context and conversational search are only to grow more powerful as voice search remains to develop. So where does that start SEO? Well, for one thing, we call to include voice search approach into our websites, because voice search optimization is the doom of SEO. That means growing down on high c