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New Features Updated for LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn is launching new features for Pages to help businesses generate more leads and keep employees engaged. LinkedIn Pages are getting new features designed to help businesses generate more leads, keep employees engaged, and access more data. New LinkedIn Pages updates include: Lead Gen Forms in Product Pages Ways to share content among coworkers in the ‘My Community’ tab Ways to measure the impact of employee advocacy on content engagement & reach Full details about each of these new updates can be found below. Lead Gen Forms For LinkedIn Product Pages A LinkedIn Product Page is a tool introduced last year which is like a business page for a specific product. If a business sells a popular product that customers discuss and ask questions about online, a LinkedIn Product Page is a place where they can go to do that. Now Product Pages can be used to collect customer information through Lead Gen Forms. Leads Gen Forms are a LinkedIn advertising feature, but businesses can use them

Google Ads are about changes to phrase match and broad match modifier

Starting in February 2021, phrase match will begin to incorporate behaviors of broad match modifier (BMM) to simplify keywords and make it easier to reach relevant customers. With this change, both phrase and broad match modifier keywords will have the same matching behavior and may show ads on searches that include the meaning of your keyword. This also means that the new matching behavior will consider word order when relevant to the meaning. For example, the phrase match keyword “moving services NYC to Boston.” will continue to cover searches like “affordable moving services NYC to Boston.” It will also cover searches that traditionally only matched under broad match modifier, such as “NYC corporate moving services to Boston.” Phrase match won’t show ads for searches where the direction is reversed (for example, people looking to move from “Boston to New York City”). In July 2021, the creation of BMM keywords will no longer be available, but the same matching functionality will be a

8 simple tips to writing winning product descriptions that increase your conversions

A well-written product description plays a major role in moving customers through your sales funnel. We have broken down techniques to write epic product descriptions. 8 simple tips to writing winning product descriptions that increase your conversions 1. Focus on your target audience You’ll have to know your target audience before you write product descriptions for your e-commerce store.  Trying to write a copy with a huge crowd of customers in mind will result in descriptions that are not targeted.  Also, the tone and vocabulary you should use in descriptions solely depend on the type of audience you’re writing for. For example, if you run a toy store online, your descriptions should sound fun and humorous. Similarly, if you sell fitness pills or any other type of medicine, you should keep your tone professional. The process starts by imagining your ideal buyer. Try to find out the best words and phrases that your target audience appreciates and uses regularly. 2. Sell an experience