Is the Amazon Coins are the future of digital currency & beat BitCoin

Amazon Coins

Surely, without any doubts or denying the last decade was all about digital currencies. We have seen the beginning and growth of BitCoin along with other high-value digital currencies. a new player latterly joins the digital currency transformation. As Amazon introduces the Coins. if you are an active gamer then you should hear of the amazon coin in-app purchases. Here I will try to cover everything you need to know about the Amazon Coins.

A little bit about the Amazon Coins?

Amazon Coins are mostly used to pay for games and apps on the website. 
  • 1 Amazon coins = 0.01 USD
  • 100 Amazon Coins = 1 USD
1 amazon coins value is equal to 1 US cent and 1 USD is equal to 100 amazon coins. The good things about amazon coins are they don't have any expiry date. Amazon offers a discount if we want to buy it in bulk. e.g we can buy 5000 coins ( a 50 USD value) for 42.5 USD. We can get amazon coins from our amazon account via the Amazon app store by going to the coins tab.

Amazon Coins
What we can do with amazon coins

We can use amazon coins only on the Amazon Fire tablet or Amazon TV, or within the Amazon Appstore on our Andriod devices. Once we have bought the coins and add amazon coins to our amazon account then we can see the option to either pay with Cash or with Amazon Coins. simply select amazon coins as a payment option and we are good to go. we can get a discount like purchase the app worth 50 USD in just 42.5 USD. do the math and happy shopping.