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Statistically, Google brings approximately 1.1 billion searchers who make 114 billion searches monthly, 91.5% of whom only stay on the first page of results. This is hard evidence that SEO is essential for a company to rank high in search results.

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I am Digital Marketing Evangelist who knows how to make Great Marketing Strategies who actually work!

I don’t just make promises, my results speak for the success rate of my freelance SEO services. I'm an SEO freelancer you can rely on!

No matter the size of the business, SEO is critical to its success. In order to ensure this success for clients who hire me as an SEO freelancer, I deliver well coded, fast loading webpages with quality content. Utilizing rich keywords that are appropriate to their brand and business, I create content for their website along with inbound links from other reputable websites that will ensure increased visitor traffic and higher ranking search results.

From the start, I prepare an in depth market research and devise a plan to find the ideal keywords for the SEO campaign. When that is complete, the marketing plan is implemented, this include: guest posts, forum comments, blogging, social media marketing to include interactive discussions, and much more.

Freelance SEO Services By Me – The Difference

My team and I are comprised of freelancers who have extensive knowledge in both on-page and off-page optimization. On-page and off-page SEO is critical to your website's visibility and presence. It's always my goal to land you on the first page of search results. I also:

  • Ensure I Perform analytics to support my SEO strategies. The implementation by my Freelance SEO team delivers the promised results. I stay current with trends by participating in researches conducted by industry known SEO groups such as Moz. A successful SEO campaign is is original and supports not only the client's target, but their goals.
  • No SEO freelancer can guarantee number one position for every keyword. However, I can promise my clients that they will rank among the top 10 search results on 1st page within time-span we agreed upon. If for some reason this doesn't happen, you will not be invoiced until your site on the 1st page of Google for most of the keywords.
  • During every client’s SEO campaign, I am available for instant chat or conference calls via Skype. I work during hours that suit the needs of my client, no matter what the time zone or day of the week.
  •  As a freelancer, my fees tend to be approximately 1/3 the cost of a local SEO agency, simply due to the fact that my overhead is lower due to my region and Costa living. This allows me to provide quality service at a lower price for my clients.

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