Khurram Abbasi Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd

Khurram Abbasi had been dreaming of running his own business since he was a child. He had always been passionate about marketing, so when he finally got the chance to open his own digital marketing agency - Khurram Abbasi Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd - in 2008, it felt like all of his dreams were coming true.

The first few years were tough – but with hard work and dedication, Khurram’s business soon flourished. What started out as a small team of three quickly grew into an award-winning digital marketing agency that employed over 30 people and boasted clients from around the world.

Over the last decade, Khurram has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering successful campaigns for each individual client – no matter how big or small their project may be. From SEO services to PPC campaigns, content writing to social media management; whatever your needs are you can guarantee that Khurram will have something tailored just for you!

Thanks to its ever-growing list of satisfied customers, today Khurram Abbasi Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd is considered one of the top digital marketing agencies worldwide – with more than 734 projects completed successfully across 5 countries! As someone who loves helping businesses reach their goals through creative and effective strategies, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing these results come to life!