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Pakistan Digital Marketing Approach - Digital Marketing Question/Answers -

1. What is your position?

Digital Marketing Manager with one of Biggest B2B/B2c Digital Marketing Services Provider.

2. What are you responsible for?

Examining clients requirement, conduct research and designing a Digital Marketing strategy for the clients. Following, PPC campaigns set up for the clients. Daily management, account health optimization. Monitoring account spends and conversion.

Conduct on-site SEO audit on client’s website and forward my recommendation to the team to improve user experience and search visibility. Design link building strategy and implement it with the help of a team.

3. What kind of clients are you dealing with?

Our clients are from assorted background and industry. We are providing digital marketing services to some of the famous Hospital and Dental Clinic in Dubai. We are also working with the clients from Heavy Machinery Suppliers in Gulf Region, CA companies, AC Repairs, Car Fix Services, Dubai Tour Operators, Windows Cleaner, Rent A car services, Software companies and web hosting companies.
Our clients are from USA, India, UK, UAE, and Pakistan.

4. Are you dealing with any clients from the travel sector; hotels, tour operator, travel agencies, restaurants, etc…?


If yes, Please specify?

One of the essential client is providing Desert Safari tours in Dubai, and we are running paid marketing for them. We also have few clients from Rent A Cars in Dubai.

5. What are your most used online marketing tactics? 

Google Adwords Paid Marketing / ReMarketing


In today fast pace world clients frequently ask for the quick result and targeted traffic on their landing page. Adwords can show ads to people who matter to clients and conversion rate in higher than another marketing platform as it the most significant search engine with unmatchable reach.

6. What about other tactics?

Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Distribution, Organic Ranking SEO

7. How are you deciding which one are you going to use?

After analyzing the client's requirement, objectives, and business structure. Creating customer personas and then determine which tactic and platform we are using for the project.

8. How successful is each one of them?

All Tactic are so far prosperous for us, Paid Marketing produces quick short-term results, while SEO is long-term work with low cost per conversion.

9. Are there specific circumstances where these particular tactics are especially successful?

Every Project has altered circumstances we need to decide according to project to retain the maximum results.
Promoting events and generating sales for short-term paid marketing is successful.

10. Are there particular examples of the success use of these tactics?

In hot summer AC repair and other technical campaign perform well,
in December to Jan Tour Operators and Rent A Car on high demand.

11. How do you measure success?

Key Performance Indicators, Cost Per Conversion and Return On Investment

12. Are there particular ways in which the online marketing tactics have had a positive impact on reputation?

Definalty, Good marketing campaign improves brand reputation and identity; customer leaves a positive review, etc.

If yes, Please give more details?

brands can establish a commanding presence on the different platform, can build a healthy relationship with the customer by listening and creating a customer centric campaign.

13. Can the online marketing tactics be used to manage the reputation? 


If yes, How? 

Generate Positive Review, Increase Sales, Most importantly Handle Bad Reviews and try to solve their issues.

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