Four things I always tell people about online marketing.

I don't think most people realize just how complicated #digital #marketing is.

Not just people...

Businesses as well.

Too many companies believe a #Facebook Page and a blog will be enough to drive new customers and sales.

That just isn't true.

And what makes things harder for them is that the #digital landscape is constantly changing.

Throw in the fact that digital marketing is a long-term strategy and you'll find most companies don't have the patience (or true understanding) to make the investment necessary to succeed.

There are a few things I always tell people about online marketing.

1. Marketing is not an expense/cost. It's an investment.

2. You will not see significant results in the short term. If an agency/consultant promises you this, run away.

3. Constantly study. There's nothing worse than falling behind new trends and necessities in the digital space.

4. Relentlessly test. You can always improve your tactics... even if they are already bringing you great results.

5. Be patient. Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.

If you (or the people you work for) don't understand these five points, it will be incredibly difficult to grow your business.